The Light

Lead everything yourself. Your prospect for the distant future.

The Dark

As usual, let nature take its course.

The Firey

Strong beliefs. Overcoming obstacles.

The Earthy

Source of life. Symbol of effort and acceptability.

The Windy

Hints of progress. Enrichment. Anticipation.

The Watery

Cooperation. The ability to open people’s minds. Unlock the energy in others.

The Time

Every experience improves you. Independence.

The Return

The revival of a loser. Never give up!

The Shadow

The unknown. The reason and solution of the problem.

The Wood

Symbolizing individual growth and development.

The Flower

Results. Rewards. The chance of accomplishing a goal is high.

The Mist

Be clear of the situation, and decide which direction you will take.

The Snow

A new beginning/start. Peace. Purity.

The Sand

The challenge to change without fear.

The Fight

An omen to the big turning point.

The Dream

A chance to get to know oneself.

The Silent

Forethoughtfulness. A time for recharging.

The Through

The improvement of an unexpected situation.

The Erase

Stagnation of luck. A warning to wait.

The Big

Big possibility and ability. An increase of the thirst for knowledge.

The Little

A small but meaningful transformation period.

The Twin

The best partner’s appearance.

The Mirror

A time in which you stare deeply at yourself.

The Storm

Intense emotions. Frustration being reduced. Too much desires to fulfil.

The Cloud

Choose your decisions carefully. Judge firmly and impartially

The Rain

Finally, things turn for the better.

The Bubbles

Purification of emotions. When you break away from a vicious cycle.

The Sweet

New Love. Popularity. Appearance of dependent mind.

The Power

A wish fulfilled. Development.

The Arrow

A surge of energy. Aggressiveness.

The Shot

Focus on the goal.

The Song

Joy, harmony. The energy of healing.

The Voice

I want to make friends; relationships properly resulting in feelings.

The Sleep

Rest. A calm state of mind.

The Glow

An omen of getting lucky.

The Freeze

Establishment of basic power. It's ok to go at your own pace.

The Thunder

Good luck will come your way if you don’t lose yourself.

The Change

Change of heart. Waste.

The Dash

The instantaneous power of victory in your hand. An internal fight with yourself.

The Fly

A challenge to leap, a chance.

The Jump

Loss of ability. The best condition.

The Sword

Quest for truth. Compensation. A destructive power, sometimes.

The Shield

Protection. A defensive measure to maintain harmony.

The Wave

A flexible attitude/gentleness will bring good fortune.

The Illusion

The desire to escape from reality.

The Maze

Losing confidence. Confusion.

The Loop

Connection. Chance to step-up.

The Create

Full of affection. The blooming of passion.

The Float

Liberation from restraint. Freedom.

The Lock

Intelligence. Inner awareness of the truth.

The Move

Be careful about fidgety actions and remarks.

The Libra

Life, action, and adjusting the balance of ideas.

Sakura Card