1. Place your left hand over the deck of cards, concentrating on your question.
  2. Spread out the cards and shuffle them thoroughly using your left hand.
  3. When you feel that the cards had been shuffled enough, gather the cards back into the deck.
    *Primarily, shuffling of the cards are done with the left hand. However, when you are gathering the cards, you can use both hands.
  4. Next, you have to cut the deck. With your left hand, lift the entire deck. From the bottom, divide the deck into 5 smaller decks.
    *the number of cards in each smaller deck need not be the same.
  5. With your left hand, re-stack the 5 smaller decks together in the order of your preference.
  6. Repeat the entire procedure (i.e. shuffle twice), after which you would have finished the shuffling.